Bird seed

note: this morning i went out to enjoy the fresh chill to the air before the heat has a chance to settle in and keep me hidden away inside

a friend called me and helped to remind me why i am so special to those in my life

one of the things we talked about is how i see the world and how i choose to interact with it. the following blog was what i talked about but as with talking out loud the words don’t always flow the way we choose and with paper you can go back, add in bits to better clarify and make sure your point truly gets made

so i hope you enjoy this bit my brain and how i see things


Bird seed:

I tend to see the world… literally, in a slightly different way than most people

Sometimes I wonder if past lives are really true and if at one point I was some sort of Japanese philosopher

When I look at the world, I see in my mind, images of life around me that I can use to explain how the rest of the world relates to my thoughts and what I need you to see, so you can understand me

An example of that is bird seed and rock salt…

To me, the way I see how people go about their lives is very much the same way that they go about breaking up ice that has collected on the side walk

These well-meaning people want to displace the ice so that they themselves or others can freely walk the path to where ever they next need to be

Their solution is to take the simplest method available, grab some rock salt or other style of toxic material to melt or break down this obstacle on their path

Simple can be effective, though often times something simple was designed that way through lots of hard work… a bit of an oxymoron if you ask me

But simple isn’t always the best way of doing things

Sometimes the simplest method can be toxic to the environment around you, damaging the beauty that you have been trying to create and is not always visible until too late

For me, I take a solution that is also simple but is less toxic and helps more of those around me that others might forget to look for or think about in their rush to get where they are going

When I find ice along my path, stopping me from the many journeys I have to travel on my way through life… I lay down bird seed

Yes over time bird seed could cause plants to grow in places you don’t want and disrupt the nature of the path… but… that can be seen and tended to

With a well spread amount of bird seed upon the ice, it adds a bit of traction for the walker, provides food for the birds who will use their strong beaks to break through the ice and that will lead to melting the ice faster than if left alone

I choose to see the world in a way that helps myself without hurting those around me

Choosing instead to make that littlest of effort for others so that at the end of the day even the smallest bit of effort has been repeated at different points along the path and helps out more than just myself

We see ourselves as solitary travelers along the path of life, forgetting that others around us are also walking on their journey… each thing we do is connected in some way to someone else, to something else

So make the effort, choose a way to keep your path healthy and vibrant … for yourself and others


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