Night of the Senses… my answer to someones question

note: i was reading over a post by someone on fetlife that was curious to see who was going to the event tonight, Night of the Senses proves to be quite the experience 

one individual was trying to understand the cost vs value…

not really something you can easily put an answer to as it is a charity event and the cause is a damn good one… fighting for the rights to enjoy your sexuality no matter what your needs, be you in perfect health/mind/body or not… we all want to have fun and enjoy what life has to offer

i dont normally like to post the messages of others but i did make a reply, as best as i can without having gone to this event before and only knowing what i have gleaned from the website and talking with people behind the senses.. but i really liked how my thoughts came out in the reply and wanted to share them

this is just my view, i could be wrong, please no biting my head off if i missed the point or offend anyone

the question asked (no name posted to protect their privacy) :

– could anyone who’s been to previous events say a bit about their impressions? I get the impression this is something situated between a type of cabaret/performance event, a swingers event, and a quite mild fetish place, but all done in a reasonably lavish manner. Is it worth the £75 per person being charged? What does it offer that cannot be found at many other fetish clubs?

what i replied:

from what i can tell, the cost is divided up into 3 areas

main being that it is a charity event for the Outsiders group to help everyone have equal rights to their sexuality. for some it is a sort of coming out party, helping them to feel safe to enter into the kink world and not be judged… same thing everyone wants

second part being that the event itself has fabulous performers, one after another.
even if you went to a single burlesque show or other event of that erotic nature, you would find the price is quite reasonable for having so many performers throughout the night

the last being that the after party from what i understand will not be a smaller affair like you would see at the london fetish fair or the london alternative market (both great after parties but on a different scale)

it isnt just for just one show and then you go home
its night with like minded fun people, in a safe environment to watch, enjoy, play, explore and meet new people… be they performers, part of the outsider group, various other artists from the area and afar… but it is a charity event and it helps serve a really good cause

we are all the same, we just want to enjoy life and all it has to offer


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