i havent been in the mood to write the past few days

nothing has excited me or gotten into my skull so deeply that i have to ig it out and show it off so the ideas will let me sleep

i just havent been in the right mind set to let the words tumble out and tease or tempt you with the naughty thoughts i sometimes think

i have been talking to a lot of interesting people via the web, learning who they are and how they see the world, some want to meet now that i am in london and others just enjoy the company i give them via the net

i arrived in london yesterday, the heat was amazing as it has been a long time since i have been in such a humid environment, the last time being in the states

i suppose this will help train me for when i go back to maryland in the fall, it will still be unbearably hot, humid and there will be very little relief 

as it was, yesterday was hard for me, i dragged my luggage around the airport, the bus stand, the tube and although a number of very nice people offered to carry my bag down… i absolutely hate letting others help me

i tend to set my self up balance wise so i can make the trip down the stairs with my bags and then to have someone try to pick it up… i will fall

no fun that

i know they mean well and i think it is very sweet

but i live by the philosophy, if i cant carry it, i shouldnt bring it

with the heat and humidity of yesterday i arrived at my friends house, my face nearly as red as my hair

it seems when i get over heated and out in the sun, my face turns red with 3 areas being pale white

as if someone put their hand on my face and it left a mark

very odd but am sure it is linked to what ever autoimmune disorder i have

i should be going out to camden right now, to hunt up something to wear for the night of the senses event on saturday

it is so humid i just dont want to move









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