My Major part 2

I was so happy yesterday

After weeks of silence I was finally able to talk with my major, I have missed him so and reminded him that if he just let go of his fear I would give up all that I do in London and visit him instead, be his lover

He is too shy though, strong and dominant in life but terrified of things he cant control… relationships being top of that list

He feels I am asking him to write checks he just cant cash in person

He is scared that he will be hurt and rejected

I don’t know how to convince him of how much I care, how much I want him and how easily it would be to teach him the simple things I want him to know

I intimidate him with all of my sexual experience, funny thing is I know more than I have done but am so willing to learn and try more

I am intimidated by all that he knows about the rest of the world but I am so willing and begging for him to teach me what he knows but he is too scared to let me teach him

Yesterday I told him about the first anniversary party for Erotic Meet, it will be fun, wonderful and safe people, a very easy going crowd

Different performances of the erotic nature to tempt and tease, stimulate the mind and body

There will be nothing scary for a first time visitor

I told him all he has to do is wrap his arms around me, hold me tight against him with my back to his chest and keep my company. He doesn’t have to talk to anyone, I can do that, he can just be the strong silent major keeping me safe and warm in his arms

I let him know that throughout the performances we can sit and I will gladly snuggle into him but he worried that doing so he would get aroused… silly man, everyone at the event will be aroused at some point in the night, it is erotic art! If it doesn’t stimulate I don’t feel it is really doing the job right lol

Sadly nothing I say seems to have given him the courage to come visit me, I am not enough to tempt him from where he is in his life

He is a major in the military, strong in body and mind, able to build houses with friends, kayak the colder waters, ski down the slopes and face down cancer… he lives life passionately in every way but love

He avoids love like the plague, terrified of it and yet he is a true romantic, simply meant for loving

I don’t know how to get him out of his shell but I would give so much to have him come to the birthday party for Erotic Meet. It would mean so much to me and I know that sounds selfish, maybe it is but I want him to come out and play, to have some fun and see that sex and erotica are not that scary

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