13 years or more

It’s been about 13 years…

I met a guy on the net a long time ago

We flirted

We had sex on camera

I had made him a naughty video once but that’s long ago lost

He has seen every naughty picture I have ever posted to the web

We have perved over each other for so damn long

I met him online at some dating site, I don’t remember which, I think at the time I was only on alt and matchmaker or friendfinder… something like that

I remember he was interested in riding horses, lived out on the west coast and was just so damn sexy

He stimulated my mind and my body through words on the computer

At one point he moved to the east coast, near where I was living but maybe an hour but we never met

I was too scared, I was shy about traveling to meet people, and I am not so shy about that any more

I missed out on having him in my life but seems that I am getting a second chance

In the fall I have to go back to the states for my cousins wedding, turns out on the same day as her wedding my gentleman friend will be at another wedding of his friends

He was so disappointed I wouldn’t be at the same wedding as him

Telling me he would take me then and there before and after the service, what a naughty boy, I am sure he would have been trying to fondle me during the service too *grin*

We have years of passion built up and when we meet it will all spill over

I am planning on meeting him at the airport when he lands, help him find his hotel and lock him inside with me for a good couple of hours

That is just a starter, if I can have him the entire time he is in town … I will

I won’t pass up years of mutual desire… it’s been about 13 years, maybe a lil longer

2 Responses

  1. Wow… I look forward to reading more about this. That is a seriously long time to build up to meeting.


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