I am a gamer geek

I am a gamer geek…

To me what that means is I am only a geek in a very special way, I do not crunch numbers and talk in geek speak and do fancy tricks or know lots of fancy stuff

I love comics, I love dressing up as characters from comics I enjoy…cosplaying as it were

I love video games, generally the playstation and wii variety but I am highly addicted to fast pasted odd games like Dynomite on PopCap, on facebook I adore Collapse, Bejewled (any of the versions), Vegas Nights, Bubble Brew …anything of that nature which reminds me of Tetris… I will kick your ass in that game!!! Also finding myself addicted to Angry Birds and getting JUST the right trajectory

I am also a fan of table top role playing and god how I miss larping… live action role playing

I love dressing up in renaissance style clothing, going out with foam padded weapons, a sword in each hand and fighting Florentine style! Block with one while attacking with the other and then you quickly switch which is defending.. bop bop..BOPBOP!

I used to attend events held by fantasy gamer groups as opposed to the more realistic side of the SCA, though I did attend pennsic one year and had a blast… of the sex I could tell you about!

One night a group of us where in a tent, so very dark outside and barely any light inside, I had a guy behind me, fingering me as I rubbed my ass into his hard pants as we both watched a couple on the table having sex

Honestly I was perfectly happy to just watch and get played with, I love to watch others having sex but only if I am getting some sort of attention too. No fun feeling left out. Oh and I was only 17 or 18 at the time. Highly sexual but just starting to test a few of the kinks I had been learning about for years.

One of the events I attended of the fantasy style ended up with me, skirts up in a field, having sex under a full moon at a location used on occasion for pagan rituals but at this event it was a weekend battle with over 400 people… is it any wonder I got pregnant there? Just seems appropriate.

At other events I remember wearing my long dress with a corset style top over a chemise and sitting just right on a swing set in a park we were having an event at… I was bored and not up to fight that day

I sat on that swing, making sure I went higher and higher, lifting my dress and showing off my legs and because of how I was sitting the dress showed nearly everything … hiding my panties just before they started to show. I loved watching the males on the grass as they watched my legs, hoping for a show

I have always been a good lil tease, only giving in to those I want

After one event there was a house party, I stayed over and got very drunk, I remember the start and half the event but not the rest. The best part I remember was sitting on the deck railing talking with two of my male friends. Flirting, laughing, just being silly as we had our drinks.

Next thing I remember is the taller one kissing me passionately as my friend Twitch was licking between my legs making me the one to twitch and spasm. If I could do that again I would.

Before all of that came my experience with Vampire the gathering, larping with friends in a hotel, we had a few of the conference rooms to ourselves and ran around the rest of the hotel in character and looking for the next part of the story to happen as vampires met and parted, werewolves stole in and the evil ones mingled as you tried to figure out who was what and how to advance the story

I was nearly 16, running around the hotel in a teddy, panties, bra and stockings… everyone looked, a few touched but I went home with my boyfriend when together… other nights I went home with others

It was an amazing time and the people… ok the guys that introduced me to larping were so much fun *evil grin*

My fondest memory was of being with 5 of them, all dear friends, all male

We had been drinking a lil, not much and I found myself naked, my head resting in the lap of one friend while the other 4 were spread around me and touching

One of my friends was at my pussy exploring, touching, tasting, inserting things slowly…

At one point another of the friends walked in, he blushed so badly, we invited him over but he got so shy and walked out, I was a bit disappointed

Everything was going well and I was loving every minute of it till the one playing with me the most got the bright idea to pour beer on my clit to lick it off and OMG THAT FUCKING HURT!!!

Thus ended that *cries*

Never has happened since, though I have had some other 3somes but they were never satisfying

I want to recreate that.. withOUT the beer.. and with a lot more play and eventually sex

But skip all of that and get back to the larping

One event I was in a huge park out in a small country town, there were a lot of us. One woman brought her ferret on a leash which we all fell in love with. Others brought kids and some of us acted like kids playing on the park equipment

Someone had a bow and specially made arrow, now I have picked up a bow a few times and I think by that point I had my own compound bow, not that I was very proficient in it but I could hit the target, if not the bulls eye, from over 40 feet away

I had never shot at a live target and I had never fired off one of the special rounds meant for gaming. The difference from a normal arrow is that they take off the arrow tip, replace it with a flat coin like bit to block the shaft from going through the following layers of foam and cloth covering

The head of this new arrow is now slightly bigger than my fist which makes the arrow very top heavy and changes how you have to shoot, aiming higher to hit your target

The person with the bow let me handle it, I wasn’t thinking… I knocked it back and aimed at the two fighters below me on grassy field, I took a sighting to see where I wanted the arrow to fly and then raised the bow a bit higher to test

I let it fly and shot the man in the back as he was sword fighting with the person from the opposing team

He dropped his arms, swung around and looked up at me…oh shit!! OH SHIT!!!!

He comes running up the hill at me and thumps me one with a sword, he was sooo pissed as I guess he had been winning till someone on his own side…me…shot him with a “death blow”

Opps… te hee… I shot the sheriff … his character was the Sheriff of the kingdom

And there was no deputy on hand so I now get to sing that song and say I really did shoot the sheriff!

Was hilarious

So yeah… that’s me… a lil gamer girl… I think I will put more about the comics in a different blog though

5 Responses

  1. I love geeks and I love this post.

    And I like arrows with unusual ballistics and big tips as well. You know, ’cause of Green Arrow. Such a fan.

  2. Awesome post! *has the song ‘I shot the sheriff in her head*

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