we have a this sauce, tiny sauce
it is 5 million scovills or how ever you spell it
so hubby is making drinks and put a tiny lil drop in the drink
he’s like ooo thats interesting
i pick it up to taste it
i seeee the spice bottle
‘WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO’ as i put the drink back down
there was a blob of the sauce
very small
but it was in perfect form!!
and stilll the drink had kick
he stirs it again and most of it sits on the side of the glass but fuck just a sip killed anything on my tongue and throat

ooo but you know…. just a hint of that spice would be fucking awesome in a bloody mary!!!

A bugs life…

you know in the opening of a bugs life, the ants are in a line bringing the seeds and berries from all around them and putting it on the sacrificial rock for the grasshoppers…

the leaf falls out of the air and stops the flow of the ants and the one that has been stopped by this gap in the line starts to panic because he cant find the rest of the line!!!

what will we dooo!!!!


yeah well hubby and i went out for a walk in the fields and using the tractor paths

we some times watch out feet when we walk and due to this saw some amazing sandcastle type art hills


hubby got it into his mind to TEST the theory of stopping the line

and they panicked!!

it was hillarious!

but thats not enough for hubby so he tries with more stuff and i cant stop giggling as he is like a lil kid


i am trying to pass that last driving test and when i do i am getting a new (used but new for me) car

hubby has been looking over automatics in the area and pricing them out

he calls me over to see one he just knows i will drool over

its a range rover… mmmm big and stompy like boots!!

he goes back to the main page and i see a mercedes for 3600€ and i could not help but say

“oooo i would look smoken hot in a mercedes! it would be my pimp mobile! i’d call it das pimpmobile!!!”

hubby just looked at me like i was nuts


He says She says 2

hubby: *plops down small bucket of ice next to me on the table*

me: *look up at him with huge eyes and confusion*

hubby: ICE CUBES… (not that he yelled it but was very passionate about it)

me: *very fast cover up the gap in my cleavage from the dress i am in and with look of horror* no i dont want them down my top!!!

hubby: *sigh* no, wrong circumstance, would you like a drink?


note: if you can find them, there is video feed of him on more than one occasion putting ice down my top!

#FetishFriday ass and toes

i meant to post this earlier in the day but got distracted by so many sensual men on various sites, such naughty boys out there… hope you enjoy




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