My strapon…

I am a very strong person and because of this I get mistaken for a Domme by a number of submissive men… but I am not a Domme… not yet but one day

Because I really am such a good person, I would hurt a fly but not a sub, humiliation play bothers me. Making someone seem weaker or less than I am upsets me

I am the type of person that will build you up instead of tearing you down, I want you to feel good about who you are, teach you to be the best you can be and then give you the skills to go out and make others better too

I heal the world one person at a time, I genuinely believe that and do not have a god complex

I know everyone has something wonderful inside of them and want to help bring that out

But back to the submissive men…

They like me

no no no… the REALLY like me

so much so I have a number of men that are virgins to anal sex and have ask me to be their first, knowing I will get turned on by it but not abuse them, not go further or faster than they can take

I had one friend *licks lips* that let me use a strapon with him, I have already wrote a piece about him and that amazing ass of his *bites lip* you have no idea how much I miss him!

Well he inspired me to buy my own strapon… but I wanted one that went inside of me

I had tried on a feeldoe, I tried using it with this one man but it was too big for him and I just wasn’t very interested in him… he was too eager and wanted more than I could give which turned me off

I liked how the feeldoe felt but not how it kept trying to slip out

Too much effort to pay attention to

I want hands free but I want straps!

So I bought a double ended purple dildo that has straps on it

Sadly I have not been able to use it on anyone but myself

Today I used it to help me cum

I feel very sexy having my pussy filled with a cock but still having one outside in my hands

I used it to wank off similar to a guy

When doing this you cant slide your hand up and down the shaft like a real man

Instead it is more a pull and push

Pumping the other end into my wet hole

I admit the mental stimulation of it all turned me on as much as the physical touch of the fake cock inside of me and I came rather quickly

But as with any of my sex toys, it left me wanting more and feeling frustrated

There is no substitute for a man, not in my world

I am willing to find woman to try and disprove this idea to me but I have had sex with an amazing lesbian and I was still left wanting more

I need a man


Fit to be tied

It was Sunday, we had taken pictures to post on Moly’s site (Sinful Sunday) and then he led me away from the living room.

He always makes me shy and playful, I giggle all the time from his humor and I can’t help but act so much younger than I am… not that I am an old fart!

In his room he has me climb on the bed as he unwinds his rope

Still naked from the pictures before, blushing and giggling as he has me lay on his bed, sideways with my head over the edge

Suddenly I don’t feel so nervous and shy, I know his cock will soon be in my mouth, I have never been shy about giving head and he knows how much I love it

Sure enough he stands with his legs spread on either side of my head and slides himself into my mouth

I use on hand to play with his shaft while the other he binds with rope

He takes the other wrist, stopping me from using it on him and ties it up with another bit of rope

Walking around to the other side of the bed he ties the length of rope from each wrist to each of my ankles, limiting my movement.

I hold still till he finishes, my oral fixation teased awake by the brief play and wanting more but I wait

He comes back around and lets my mouth be filled once again by his cock

Slightly bending over me as I suck on him, he spreads my legs and starts to massage my clit with his fingers

This excites me and makes me worship him more

The more he plays with my clit the harder it gets for me to stay still, I start to twitch and thrash as he stimulates me more than I can handle.

The ropes keep me in place and every time I thrash it forces him deeper into my throat, sliding down so easily and avoiding any gag reflex

My head bobs as my body jerks and spasms from his touch

Suddenly he spanks my pussy, the sting feels so good I twitch and thrust up my hips

Spreading my legs more to not limit his work area

I am kept on the edge of orgasming as he switches from manipulating my clit, fingering and spanking my pussy

I can feel how wet I am every time he slaps down on my fanny, the sound turns me on even more

Dividing my attention from the pleasure and pain he is giving me between the satisfaction that I am sucking harder, deep throating more easily and getting him so close to cumming

Forcing me to orgasm with his fingers as I suck him down has to be one of the best blow jobs I have ever done

But to be sure I need to do it again *evil grin*


granted this picture was taken before i was lead to the bedroom…

Dripping pillow

Have you ever stuck your sheets and pillow in the washing machine?

You cant stick in too much as they take up a lot of room

Not only that but they don’t let go of the water once it is in the pillow or sheets!

The hubby changed the sheets on our king sized bed, they are from the states so extra large in size and since he steals my covers there is an extra sheet for me!

Two loads he runs

The first he empties out of the machine and leaves in the basket for me to hang in the sun

OOOF! What the hell!

I pick it up and carry this small but massively heavy load outside the next morning

The second load still in the machine and waiting to be put in the basket to join the first one on the line

I admit there was some clothing, one of his work shirts, some pj’s for the lil one, the odd sock

But the bulk of the basket was a single pillow and a sheet

I start with the clothing and am disgusted that they are soaking wet!

No wonder the basket is so heavy!

Hasn’t he heard of using an extra spin cycle!

No I guess not

I pull out the pillow…

It starts to pour water out the bottom

I kid you not it was pouring out in multiple streams of water

I grabbed the camera in case there was any doubt!

Hung the sheet and went back in to look at the washing machine

Hmmm… more sheets and another pillow…

Yeah fuck saving money and waiting to use the machine at night..

Extra spin cycle you are my friend!

Hung that wash up and all told everything was on the line in the sun for hours

He still had to put some of it in the dryer that night

*sigh* some people are not meant to do the laundry 


In the sun

I am lying in the sun as I type this

I have a new comfy thing for the garden and I am trying it out on this lovely warm day.

It is like a hammock yet it is in a frame, low to the ground and is built for two… oh what I wouldn’t give for some wine, music and someone to snuggle with right now

Instead I took some pictures to prove redheads do go in the sun… once in a while lol

I am in one of my summer dresses I bought in London last year, satin smooth and loose…

I currently have part of my ass exposed to the sun to better tan my legs… not trying to make the neighbors aroused I assure you

As per usual when I am in a dress… it is JUST the dress I am wearing

I have been a good girl… the wash is hanging on the line, drying in the wind instead of left in the machine or in the basket

The sun is overly bright today and the smell of cut grass is all around me

I can hear the machine they use over at the quarry

The birds are making noises, it varies depending on which are around

The bees have stopped dive bombing me

There is a noisy lil cricket madly chirping away off to my left

Butter cups line the fence and here and there are lil daisies

The breeze just picked up and is ruffling my hair like a gentle lover

It’s a lovely day… I just wish someone was here to share it with me


the new garden thingy above and me relaxing in it below



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