Happy Birthday Erotic Meet


Always a topic of interest


The beat pounding

And off they go in a swirl of movement

Heart pounding but not the beat of the body

The music infecting the soul

Now back to the start of my story…


I had been in the building before

The music subdued for us to tell our erotic tails

Perform our exciting deeds

All that jizz, no I don’t mean real cum, I mean Ruby Jones and her balloon bukaki performance

The Eastend Cabaret show with the woman telling of her visit to Thailand and the plop plop plop fzts…Aaaaaaaah…

The feel of the paddle as it hit my ass when the sale had been completed in the erotic auction

The naked bodies pressed in tight for the photo shoot with the amazing Holly Revell

Oh the naughty things that have gone on while being innocent in public

Even me with topless

Another night the fantastic Ernesto the naked poet telling you there is nothing average about his cock

The staff getting an eye full of all the fun we bring to their bar

Isn’t it amazing what you can do in a year…

Happy Birthday Erotic Meet

my 1st scavenger hunt

I recently heard about something called Scavenger Hunt, now that isn’t the typical style of finding a bunch of random objects on a list, nor is it the normal hide a prize and give clues on how to find it like a treasure hunt…

Scavenger Hunt is hosted by curvaceous dee ( http://curvaceousdee.com ) to help inspire us to be more of an exhibitionist in various locations on her list…

I do admit there are a number of places I now want to trek off to and see what poses I can strike before having to run and hide from the public

I posted on Molly’s blog Sinful Sunday (http://sinfulsunday.mollysdailykiss.com/ ) with the antics I got up to while touring Deal castle, posing topless got the attention of curvaceous dee and I became the first on her blog to be exposed in a castle J

Looking over her list of what has been done before and what still needs to be done I realized no one had been in a corn field (or similar) and being on the train tracks wasn’t even up on the board… possibly as that could be dangerous if someone was stupid enough to use active tracks… I didn’t J

So I figured I would take the 3 pictures I have and post them in one blog to tempt and tease you, as well as make it easier for curvaceous dee to add me to her blog *evil grin*

First picture…

Hubby and I toured Deal castle, it is a really neat fortification near the sea and has narrow passageways that ring the walls and have small windows to view out as well as help with the attack. Each of the halls where designed as small alcoves that had an opening into the next one along the narrow passage. This helped to better defend the passage should someone find their way in.

There was a chance of getting caught, we were not far into the passage ways that are off of the main rooms and an older gentleman of maybe 60 was in there as well as teens a few rooms back…. But fuck it! I just had to get a shot!



Second picture…

Before leaving to visit the UK, the hubby and I spent a lil time in the north of France with his parents, on this day they had the kids and we went for a walk in the country.

We had the lil point n shoot with us (still very powerful) but had not really thought about taking any naughty pictures… I almost always have a camera of some kind on me.

We walked past a long field of yellow colza (also known as rapé) and how it had gaps in parts of it further back, how if we could get to those we could get some pictures of me in the field! Now I am very respectful of farmers and their crop! So we did not just push the plants aside and barge in! (Hubby wanted to)

Instead we walked to the end of the field where the tractor path lead into the flowers and I stripped as much as I could, the path was very muddy and I was not taking my shoes and pants all the way off!

Not that you can tell I am not fully nude in this pic!

Funny bit was that hubby is 6’6” and easily towered over the crop, where as I wasn’t that much taller so people driving past slowed to see what he was doing but kept on going. One guy did go past and do a u-turn, at which point I had my pants up and bra on, I cheered at him with my arms in the air as he went past lol

I giggled lots!




Third picture…

Just after leaving the colza field we walked off towards the woods and I was still camera frisky…  so why not take some pictures up on the train tracks! There is an older set on an embankment, they haven’t been used in a long time and the active tracks are a good deal down and over to one side, no risk of getting hit by a train.

While in the colza field a train had gone by so I figured there wouldn’t be another for a good long time, so we could take pics as we like with privacy… oh I was so wrong lol

I stripped, stood there for a few pictures, just enjoying the sun. There was one picture of me stretched out the width of the track and I am amazed at how short I am!! Also a good marker to gauge that I have in deed been losing weight! I plan on taking the same picture next year to see how I have changed as I have been trying to exercise more and tone up while trimming down…

But next year I wanna be tied up and have a Snidely Whiplash style villain standing over me as he twirls his mustache!

I do admit that the second train came by while I was horny and had hubby taking me from behind… opps!

The third train came by while I was getting dressed and still topless, again the hands went up in the air in a victory pose 🙂

Fourth train went by while we were in the woods, too far for anyone to see lol

Well that’s it, will try to find more places to take pictures at 🙂


cant be sexual all the time… health issues and a clue to who i am, what i cope with

note: i posted this in a lupus group on fetlife and although it is highly personal i dont see why it should be kept off my blog… this is MY blog, about me and there will be days and maybe weeks when i barely post anything and my health is part of that. it is also part of what spurs me on to have as much fun as i can to make up for what i have missed while being sick for 20yrs… and yeah i was crying when i wrote this and still very wet in the eyes…. this is me


haven’t been diagnosed yet…

how do you force the doctors to get their thumb out of their backside and do their job… they will run any other test i ask or demand but not this one

i have been sick for 20 years
i dont know with what for sure
when i first started getting sick as a teen they said lupus but in passing, never as a test
over the years some of the symptoms change with my environment but the core ones are always there
developed cfs from it all and after 10 years have found a way out of it.. kind of, still relapse if i do too much

this isnt a life
spent 2/3rds of my life in mysterious illness and sleeping… thats not living

i have no siblings, only cousins and one has recently been diagnosed with lupus but was sick for 15 years as they thought it was JUST lymes disease
she and her sister and brother both have heavy vit D deficiency and he might have chrones but well docs dont want to touch him

another cousin has been told to get tested for lupus but doesnt have insurance so no doc will touch her

the docs all look at me like i am a hypochondriac

i just want a label, you know, to say look this is why i am the way i am i have …. and its real and not in my head, i am not lazy

it should be simple, with all the tests i have done over the years but living in the states i changed doctors so many times and insurance programs, my records are everywhere and now living in france i would have to get them translates… i am starting over again

each time i switched insurance companies i had to start over cause they didnt want my old records or i didnt have them

i am so frustrated, so ill today and so unmotivated to do anything that i need to get done

just want to crawl into bed and hide and sleep but gatta stay up, being out of bed helps keep the cfs away… just cant give in

so yeah, i dont know if i do have lupus or if i belong in the group but i kind of figured you would understand

and i need that right now and tips on how to deal with the doctors






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