At first glance

I may not look like much at first glance

You may pass me by on the tube and not have a inkling of the pervy thoughts inside

Perhaps my cum is soaking my pussy and slipping down my thighs

No panties to hold back my desires

Maybe you look and turn back to the city girl dolling herself up like a pampered pedigree cat

Her looks, her poise but no substance

Maybe you see me writing and are curious about that cheeky grin

If you are really lucky I slip you my card and tell you to come read my naughty words

Or to become a subject of my writing

Tight jeans

I spent the day in bed dreaming of you

Texting back and forth

Encouraging your cock to press hard against your jeans

I love knowing what an effect I have over you…

Even from a distance

Knowing at one point you had to sit down to hide your excitement from those around you

I love knowing that there is an attraction but that there is potential for more

The sex would be wonderful but that is not all which defines what we could be…


Note: my friend was out and about while texting back and forth with me. The nature of our texts are rarely innocent and he got very aroused… had to sit down and control his reactions *evil grin*

Night of control

Walking into your room, you have me wait as you ready yourself for bed

I stand there waiting unsure what to so as you leave the room

In you come, pulling me close for a tender kiss

Slowly you undress me and take in the site of me

You know my fears and how I feel about my body

With you I have no doubts

I know you want me, long to control me

Doing as you tell me I slowly undress you

When you are nude before me I rest on my knees and take you into my mouth

You have not given me the command to do this but I know it will please you

After a long time you position me on the bed

Slowly you pace yourself, it has been so long that I have wanted you and time my moves to please you

I match your speed but move just a bit harder, to slid you in deeper and tighten my muscles around your cock

I can feel you struggle to keep control over me

I whisper to cum, aching to explode and be told I am your good girl

Exhausted we sleep, entwined in each other’s arms

You wake in the morning and all I want is to make love to you again

Instead I do what I can to warm you, make you feel loved and wanted

Note: this is what happens when you give in and stop hesitating 

Why do i hesitate

Why do I hesitate when it comes to seeing you

Why do I hold back from agreeing on meeting you

I know it will start slow as if I was just a ghost following you around

Sitting on the couch watching tv, listening to music and having dinner

All of this with few words spoken, so lacking in touch

Yet I know after dinner you will pull me in your arms and hold me close

You start to pay attention to me for the first time

For me it has been a night of sexual tension

For you it is about control

Is this really what I am hunting for


Land of vanilla

Land of vanilla

The flavor vanilla is considered by some to be an extreme delight or horribly bland by others

It all depends on the amount of flavor put in, the quality of the cream and how long it has been left to …age

Some will find that the flavor vanilla is so boring and bland but they have never known the true complexities of the vanilla bean

Life is much the same

If you do not have the right mix it will all come out so very bland




There are those in the kink community that think of others outside the group as “vanilla”




For a lot of the people outside of kink it is true

But every so often you have those that fit in without knowing the true flavor

The strong vanilla the flavor that was really meant to be tasted

Tonight I met a man, a Scorpio

There was something about him that said…

“I am not the kinkster you are looking for”

Something that said pass him by and pay no attention

But I know better

He knew the words, he had seen the Secretary, he knew things…

But he had kept this… controlled

Now his woman needs to learn

Oh the things I can teach her and I don’t even need to touch her

…*grin* not that I want to keep my hands to myself

But I will behave, I will do my best to keep her innocent, lovely and yet touch on that spot inside that hides her perverted self

The two of them will be a fun project for the months ahead


Note: I went out with a dear friend of mine and got to meet two people he knows quite well. His friends where so very sweet, the woman kept talking, asking questions and well I just HAD to answer them. I mean when in a pub one really must randomly raise your voice at the word… BUTTPLUG and ANAL PLAY… because if words like those get missed in the crowd you will never see the fun faces people make as they look for the people talking of naughty things.

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