entirely to sober

now USUALLY i type up what i want to say before hand and then post it

sort of record keeping as it where


if i start to talk like i have an accent there is a reason to this


yes i have been drinking, how can you tell… only had 3 pints of guinness, nothing really


went with the girls and their friends to the karaoke place near finchely road tube, was an event to remember. the “girls” being the 2 ladies i am sharing a room with in the hostel i have rented for this trip to london. a rather nice one i might add… and yes i might name it AFTER i have left it :p


so as you SHOULD know, today i had my driving test, my 5th driving test… i failed… 😦

that being the case i needed a bit of cheering up… not nearly depressed as i was the last time but still low enough

the girls are ever so sweet and if i had younger sisters i swear thats what i want, so bouncy and giggly and innocent. hell i showed them all the sex toys i bought including the double ended dildo… i feel slightly bad for corrupting them… only slightly

so yes they invited me out and it was fun but in my excitement to go to something i have never done… yes i am a karaoke virgin… (still that way since i have not sang on stage :p ) …

so we walk all the way there… FUCKING SHIT!!! no id! i had forgotten to take it out of the lil plastic sack that held my driving papers from this afternoon!!! what the hell to do now!!

the younger of the two (18 and cute as can be while being alternative and angsty…but goofy and bubbly) was seriously feeming to get in!!! she wanted to sing!! so the older one (25 and fucking hot! oh the pictures i could take of her… ok i admit the pics i could take of them!!! *bites lip*) offered to walk me back, it was a maze that we went through… but i knew where i was and took the bus back

now this is forgetting to mention the…bouncers… *bites lip*

i get there and everyone is showing id… i look through mine and realize… nope… not on me

now the guys are both very cute, night and day as it were… both large in the way i like and very interesting personalities.

i totally understood why they had to do their job and not let me in

i was cool with it, my friends hassled them a lil but i have been in the job before, i know you have to follow the rules and why they are there. i highly respected them for not giving in to …temptation

so i get on the bus, hoof it back to the hostel, get my id and wait for the bus to take me back to the madness i have left behind..

i get to the door and show my id…. mmmm what a charmer, he looks over my id long and hard and then hands it back, taking my hand and kissing it in such a gentlemanly fashion… oh the naughty thoughts i had, let me tell you!!!

so in a i go and have my “shot” of liquid courage, a guinness lol

down that right away and decide… ok before the night gets any crazier and i for get… write my new blog information on the business card i have… and give to that sexy security man *bites lip*

so standing at the bar i borrow a pen and write what i can remember of my new blog information onto the card… please god dont blur! i want him to see the naughty things i write

so far so good, i flag him down and get pulled in close, a kiss on the cheek, innocent, a hug, talking close over the loud music and making sure he understand just what he will be reading should he follow me

i make my escape knowing that he is by far the only one in the entire place that has captured my attention, a man among boys

i go back to my friends, watch the young one on stage…. omg she has a voice!

so lovely, so talented! i tried to record it all only to find out i hit the wrong button and recorded half

ah well better some than none

oh they danced and we giggled and sang, this one woman singing that barbie world song as if she was the original creepy singer…outstanding!

i joked with the young guys, teasing them and making them nervous… no boys i promise i will leave your asses unmolested… remember that later in like and kick yourself lol

oh it was so much fun talking with the guys of various ages and from many countries, knowing i would never fuck any of them and they had no clue what they are missing out on lol

but the fear in their eyes when i mention my strapon….priceless

so by the end of the night i have had 3 guinness, still sober, still flirting with that cute guy on security and home we go


one guy was walking too slow in front of us, i made grabbing motions at his ass… NOT TOUCHING… just making the motions lol…. so i turned to the guy walking next to me and grabbed his ass and in spanish told him to hurry up

this amused my highly


after lots of twists and turns we came back to the hostel for a different form of madness!

we where invaded by 3 wonderful people that had so many things to share with us and oh the goth girl is fucking hot and i spanked her with the corian paddle i have!!!! and i liked it *bites lip*


ok story for another day


it is now 4:28am and i have had way more to drink since then and well… yeah… wow so not sober any more






2 Responses

  1. Just to clarify, You did NOT have the oportunity to play with any of your toys? Nor introduce yourself to your roommates vaginas? You just went to sleep ? Am I understanding you correctly?

    • no privacy in the room so no toys and no i did not enjoy my roommates… i am very picky about my lovers

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