Writers workshop

I feel like such a poser

That I do not belong with so many talented writers

I feel so out of place as I sit and try to see how the other half lives

This fear is only mine, I know I am welcome and more than able to set myself to any challenge they give me

I except what is set before me and try my best to gain the level ahead of me

A writer’s workshop is just the place for me to learn what tools I need to do what pleases me


note: Erotic Meet (eroticmeet.net) hosted a wonderful writers workshop, so many wonderful people from all levels and styles of writing showed up. i wasnt sure what to expect but at some points added in information and seemed to hold my own even though i feel so much like a newbie and so clueless.

they are very welcoming people and so many great ideas where shared, i cant wait to go to the next one and see what else i can do to better my words. it is because of them i started this account

so thank you @VinaGreenWrites @EroticMeet @MegPhilip @Mollysdailykiss @innocentlb @Hungry_Joe and susan and the other lovely lady i dont have the contact info for

11 Responses

  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so pleased that you took heed and created a wordpress blog.
    Second, you DO belong and you’re definitely not a poser!!! As Molly said, if we’ve inspired you then its a very good thing.

    Keep at it and don’t give up.

    Proud of you hun xxxx

    Meg xx

    • i adore you sweety and will be requesting your books for my birthday.. partly just to see the look on the inlaws face lol

  2. Hey Lil Miss… You’ve been a beautiful part of Erotic Meet for a long time now… Put the lizard in the frying pan, cos you’re a fabulous cook too and enjoy the journey Hun! I’m so happy you’ve created a home for your words and look forward to lots more! -x-

    • oh i love you so

  3. If we inspired you to get started in anyway then as far as I am concerned we did a good thing.


    • you have been great, since first meeting everyone almost a year ago… it has really been a page turner in my life

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I was feeling the same way on Friday night and would have done Saturday too if I had not been ill. Trust me though .. you are no poser and you were definitely at the right place!

    • its just funny how that lil lizard, the reptilian brain, sneaks in and tries to beat you up with a frying pan saying… “no no you cant, you shouldnt, you dont belong”

      am getting better to tell that lil voice to fuck off lol

      • Yep. Know exactly what you mean. Mine is always getting at me and telling me what I can’t do. I’m slowly starting to ignore it though – Friday was the first step. Can’t wait for the next one!

      • i just hope i am in town for the next one lol
        wish i could go to the mixed media event

    • A real pleasure to meet you on Friday.. So happy you came and even happier that you’re coming back for more! -x-

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