What to say

written 2010

well saying anything voids my label as a virgin writer and since i have not been a virgin in a long time i dont like the idea of being one again lol

i am sitting here thinking of a million and one things i should be doing, working on, saying to friends and planning for later in the day… yet i sit here

i lack motivation… could be no coffee and it is already 2pm or that the light falling through my window is the wrong shade of bright… as in overcast

i want to ignore that i am living in a foreign country fighting to master a language that is not my own and waring a mask that is not me when i go out and make the effort to meet people

far easier to hide here behind my computer and skype with people and be myself and laugh evilly at the simplest of things and not have to struggle and think about what i do or say

hmmm though writing this is a bit of a struggle as i have had to sit and think and say… or type as the case may be

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