Toy talk… need advice on toys

written 2010

note: i have since then managed to fulfill that new years resolution of being more sexual, getting more toys and even visiting the warehouse for oh how going to london, meeting new people and going to kink events really helped me 🙂

i know i love having toys and i know i need new nipple clamps but those i have to go get on my own in person. i had a great set i loved but sadly tossed out by mistake when we moved to france… AHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

hubby has bought two other pairs in the hopes of making me happy… wonderful and extreamly sweet of him… BUT… i swear what they sold him was either meant for males or nipples that only teens have!

so those do not fit and hurt in the wrong way

i had a rabbit… hated that thing, the ears hurt, evil plasticy bits

i am thinking one of those bullet vibrators that have a ring that goes over the cock would be fun to try.

right now i have a good 4 speed bullet that i love but otherwise … I NEED MORE TOYS!!!

where is my sex santa :p

what i need help with is recomendations of fun things to try and good sites to check out. would be best if the sites either ship to europe or are already in europe

please help! am thinking a basket of lotions, toys, leather, and maybe some good mood music (recomendations welcome) would be a great new years gift

lol new years resolution to be… more sex, better sex and lots of fun doing it


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