That fine line

written 2010

there is a very fine line you walk between pleasure and pain… where it all sort of blurs together and you cannot tell if you want the pain to stop or for it to continue

i admit that i like a point.. what that point is i do not know, i have yet to find someone to test my limits

i have a wonderful and loving husband…but he does not know how to touch me the way i want and i do not know how to explain to him my needs and desires…words do not work when all you have are feelings

one reason why i am make friends with people i can turn into something a bit closer and invite into my world and teach my husband how to touch me the way i need to be touched

but for now i have the pain to share…

last night my back decided to start hurting and it would not stop. i am used to pain i live with chronic pain in one area of my body or another and have done so for 12 years… pain and i are old friends

usually i can turn the pain off when i am not in the mood… but last night everything i did was not working and a few times i was left confused

was what i was feeling sexual pleasure or excruciating pain

there where points that it felt like someone was manipulating my spinal cord, it would throb and pulse and bring me close to sexual satisfaction and then it would leave me just as quickly and i went through the pain and a type of with drawl

ha..being the dork that i am the only way i could explain it to my husband was to remind him of an episode of aeon flux where the bad guy is playing doctor with one of the woman who had a fake disc in her spine..

he pops out the fake spinal disc and uses tools to manipulate the nerves and the spinal cord and they both have this unbelievable orgasm of sorts

it felt similar to that… odd as it sound to say/write

the human body and the mind are such odd things bringing about pleasure and a thin line that we cross over every day

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