written 2010

i know they always say that being selfish is bad….

but giving too much and not getting enough back can be just as bad

right now i am feeling a lil grin bad, maybe naughty is a better word to use right now

i am normally the one everyone comes to when they need attention, love, a shoulder to cry on, to vent with and when there is time and people are near… a good drink and a laugh

but i am feeling selfish and greedy

i want to be pampered

i want to be the center of attention

i want to get not give

i suppose part of it is do to the time of year

i want pretties, i want to be pretty, i want to be naughty

ah if only i had someone to buy me pretties

i found a corset that i want… ok i found a few that i want but i have no means to buy them and no place to wear them

so i keep feeling selfish and wantting attention and things to dress me up in and feel pretty… i crave attention

it isnt bad to feel this way, so long as i dont ACT selfishly

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