Random sexual thoughts

written 2010

note: had been flirting with a guy online all day and he had gotten me so horny!

i want to strip you down tie you to the door turn your face away from me and slap your ass with my hand hard making you wince

i want to kick your legs wide apart and grab your balls pulling them tight and slap you some more

i want to get your belt and rub it across your skin bringing the belt to your skin and dragging it along your ass making you relax

i want to slap you hard with it and see you jerk in surprise and pain and enjoyment

i want to get hot wax and drip it down your ass so it stings and burns i want to use a knife to scrape it off when it has hardened…

i want to turn you around and suck on your cock while i pull your balls and play with the shaft of your penis but i DONT want you to cum yet i want to keep you on the edge if you are in my mouth….

i dont want to taste you…

i want to lick and tease you then make you cum as i put your cock between my breasts and stroke you up and down i want you to cum on my chest then…

i want you to please me

just a random thought of today… who “YOU” represents isn’t important, it is what i want that matters and that i wont get what i want 😦

2 Responses

  1. Im reading more and more of your stories and this one is amazing and hot me really turned on. I really look forward to more stories and fantasies of you taking charge.

    • aww hun, so glad you liked
      this vacation is bound to have some interesting times

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