Potential Sir

written 7 months ago

no idea what is going to happen but i love how i feel

havent been horny this whole weekend and if you follow me on twitter you would know i am horny damn near every second of the damn day!

but god i have been soooooo frustrated!
i have never been this wound up in my life

as i have said i AM a switch, i want to sub but never found anyone to bring out that side in me so its on the back burner
mostly i have had a snarky, push me and i will bite your balls and you will like it kind of attitude

but this weekend has been amazing

i met someone a while back, never flirted with me, was always very helpful and nice but no picture or bio so i shrugged it off

finally something said why is he being so kind to me, it feels good

so i asked for a picture and some more info on him…
god he was/is attractive, my type of attractive

fluffy dark hair that would look amazing just after sweaty sex
intense scorpio eyes and the skill to use them
full lips i want to tempt and tease with my passion
neck and jaw line i want to nuzzle my face against and breath in his scent
oh and his hands…. please please touch me, make me melt and beg for more
grin and that way he tries to have a poker face when i give a compliment and he fails by how he positions his hand or the arch of an eyebrow bites lip

i want him… he touches something inside me that isnt sexual, oh it could be and i would love that… but this is better, different, more

i want to please him, i dont know why, i dont get it!
i am spock dammit this is not logical!
fuck logic! i want more

i DONT beg
i NEVER submit
i giggle at the most sexually charged, intimidating doms and
they fail to spark that fire in me

but this guy… he gets under my skin like no one else ever has

ha! being a scorpio as well i have the tables turned on me
so this is how i make people feel

i love it

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