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My other profile

written 6 months ago

note: there will be another one like this that is even more open and well written

i wrote this for IC and feel it should be here as well but dont want to rewrite the profile i have… just add to it

updates appear at the bottom…

core of profile updated 20-9-11

i am a bit complex at the moment

i am an american living in france. during 2011 i am in london a minimum of one week a month, some times more, i am working on getting my drivers license. it is a long story.

i am on a number of adult sites, i like the attention when i post a naughty picture and the comments amuse me. i use fetlife the most as it is free and easy but am also on alt, human pets and adultworks

i am looking for two things

1st and most important are friends, i have no one in france so i need to make real life friends when in london, not just on the net. i WANT more than fair weather friend crap, its great once in a while but if i invest in a person and make them a friend i plan on bending over for them if needed. would be nice to get something more solid back for what i give.

2nd thing i am looking for is a lover, play friend, play group, and potentially a Dom to help me explore my switch sides, helping me better understand the submissive side i have that has never been allowed out i WANT to submit but the average person just brings out my snarky side or the nails and doesnt get the effect they want.

best example of that is this one guy saying he wants to hang me by my tits… yeah i dont think so

i am NOT looking for a relationship, i am married with kids, i am NOT getting a divorce, i do have permission to play, i will choose who i play with and not be forced to do anything i feel is against my nature

i am looking for sex but the most important thing i want are friends and the chance to explore what bdsm means to me. sex doesnt have to be a part of it but would be nice

i am very much a switch, dont give me any crap about switches not being real or being confused. i know that i am a switch and that i am bi, anything else can be open to negotiation.

on average i have a more dominant personality, sweet but snarky. i do try to be respectful and take time to get to know people before molesting anyone, for some reason people see me as a submissive for that

since my life is complicated i spend most of the day on the net helping others, healing lost souls and being a safe port in the storm for people

i have learned to love deeply, give my heart away for free to those that need love, i am not in love with anyone and until my life finds balance i dont think i can fall in love. to complicated and i dont want that.

i hate to hurt people, i hate humiliation, i was treated like shit most of my life and refused to be treated that way again voluntarily.

if i could be rented out for aftercare i would make a killing like that. i love helping others and get a high from it.

my kink is touch, i NEED to touch and be touched. to give and get attention. i have an oral fixation so you will often see me with a lollipop in my mouth or biting my lips a lot.

i have been studying the bdsm world from the mental side on and off since i was 13… now i want to try the physical side and apply what i have learned of the mental side

i am bipolar… i dont like my neck touched unless i invite you and no tickling. i control myself very well but the first instinct i have for those is to rip your eyes out through your balls or pussy.

now to the sweeter side

i am extremely bouncy, very playful and a loyal friend yeah i know that sounds like a dog lol (i am not a puppy) but the attributes we put to dogs seem to fit me very well.

i am extremely mutable. i can go from intellectual conversation (about most topics though some i refuse to debate, religion and government are the worst) to ooooooZOMGshiiiinnnnnyyyyyy!!! and anything in between.

i really should post the webcomic that explains this so well, the oooshiny bit. i am a dork, a goof and a gamer. i love webcomics and roleplaying (i dont mean kink lol) and would love to get back into larp’ing

i love to watch people, learn who they are and try to understand it, then figure out how that applies to me. i dont judge but i do analyse.

one example is the erotica expo 2010. i spent most of the day watching people, bounding off like a demented pixie and spending time with this guy Spot the dog and giving the him scritchies. google youtube video “shalla meets spot the dog” to see what i mean.

bah i could ramble on forever

if you have questions send me a note, if you need a photographer let me know, if you need someone to bum around with and be silly.. OOO PICK ME!!


so now for the updated part 28-5-11

aside from adding a lil to the info at the top i wanted to say that i am starting to look for people that i can give attention to

cuddle with, touch, flirt, use my nails on, maybe bite and give massages to… male or female

i need attention, i need to give it and get it. touch is also a huge thing for me. i would love to find people that will let me help them relax

i know that doesnt sound like a kink but its mine, i dont want to do age play or take care of someone… i have kids i dont need a sort of lover that is like another kid

i guess i sort of want to be the person you can come to and feel loved, needed, wanted, protected from the world so you can relax… someone else can hurt you, humiliate you or you can do those things to others but i want to be the one that holds you tight and plays with your hair, gives massages, melts away the crap of the day

i want to feel needed

its an odd thing i guess but thats me

also if you are on twitter send me a note and i will give you my info, i say some of the most random shit you will see and probly get you giggling


yeah this isnt working… the whole sex only with the hubby after a shitty vacation i want a lover.. male or female or multiple but i want a lover

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