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My Major

written 24 days ago

note: i am so in lust over this guy, he influences so many of my recent works, i would give up all the flirting and all the tempting and even kink just to be his.. but he is too shy

Oh how I love my bed, the pillows stacked all around me, with the one under my chin that I hold extra tight to my chest and my face half buried in it as I wait for you to speak.

You know the power you have over me, the way your voice makes me do what pleases you… what pleases us…

Waiting for the connection that will bring your voice into my bed room, so far away you are but soon you will be right there with me and I will be under your spell.

Wiggling my butt as if it were a tail, I am so excited, bouncy and giddy at the thought of hearing the tender tones that cross your lips, the way you almost purr with each word.

There you are, I hear you, and I wish I could see you, know what effect I have over you when I smile at the things you say.

What I wouldn’t give to just see your eyes when you tell me I look beautiful laying there, bundled up and snuggling into the nest I have made.

The lust I hear in your voice when I slip off my robe, I should have done that before you could see me, I must remember this is one of the innocent conversations.

I was so very tired before you came online, but as soon as you said hello I perked right up but you want me to relax.

Telling me to calm down my breathing, to close my eyes, telling me I am not following the Majors orders when I sneak a peek and smile at something you have said.

I know there is nothing for me to see, I have only your words but I know you are watching me and I know how much you love it when I look into the camera as if I was right there with you, looking in your eyes.

It was supposed to be innocent, I was supposed to be lulled to sleep by your tender words and gentle voice but I can’t help it, I want you excited.

You’ve told me before you can’t help but get excited when you see me, that your heart beats and your breathing gets heavy and well… there are other reactions to your body…

I love hearing how hard it is for you to focus, that you love the thin strap of my night gown as it runs over my pale freckled shoulder.

I love that you want to hold me tight, feeling your chest against my back and your strong arms over my body, keeping me close and protected from the world… all yours

The way you have to whisper when you speak so no one at work knows your naughty thoughts as you watch me vulnerable and exposed in my bed.

You keep getting excited by the simplest of things, so innocent, so gentle, so loving and it’s everything I want you to be.

If we ever met you say you would not be able to help but get excited, I want that from you, I want your lust, your passion.

You keep losing focus, I have no idea what you are saying when you speak to me in your native tongue but god I love it… though I wish I knew what you were saying

I want you to love me, I want you to need me and I need you to want me

I want your hands to slide over my skin, find my flaws, my perfections and love the both.

I need your kisses, tender and slow. Full of passion and promises you never knew you could make.

I want to fall asleep in your arms and wake to your touch, your body over mine, pinning me down and showing your growing excitement as you run your fingers over my face and brush away the hair that has been hiding me.

I want to feel your face nuzzle into my neck, running it along my head and breathing in deep the smell of my hair.

Learning me, remembering me and leaving your scent upon me.

Slowly running your hands up my thighs to help lift up my night slip, feeling the warmth of my skin, continuing up until my back is exposed.

Trailing kisses over my skin, trailing your hands down my sides with the contrast of the strength in your fingers and the gentleness of your lips on my skin.

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