Give a compliment

written 5 months ago

i dont ever want to hear you look x for x
dont put limits on your compliments

i was just told by some random 24yr old guy You look great for your age.

wth!!!??? for my age?
what? do i turn into a pumpkin at midnight? will someone hit me with the ugly stick in the next 30 seconds

i want a compliment for the sake of getting one!

if i am attractive or funny or what ever! tell me but dont put a limit on it

you are attractive..for a redhead or for a short person or for a scorpio
or what ever…

why limit it!

if that young pup is gonna play the age card i will too and put him over my knee and use a flogger on his ignorant ass and he wont enjoy it!

2 Responses

  1. Pft, stupid pup. You are the Shalla. You look fantastic. Your breasts are epic and your begging face makes me wet. The only limit on this compliment is the distance I’d have to travel to show you that I mean it!

    • dammit you are making my blush uncontrollably and i have tears in my eyes! get your ass over here for the holidays

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