Gamers munch

written 2011

tonight was a gaming night/munch at a place called the stinging nettle pub (london)

i think i was the first to arrive and ordered a crabbies (ginger beer yes the alcohol kind, which i only found out existed a few weeks ago) and waited for people to arrive.

some very good people showed up and there where some great games being had, i enjoyed playing poker (read that as one good hand other wise lost all) using different colored tic tacs….mmm tasty bits

was funny seeing the faces when i started comparing yummy tasty bits to crunchy tasty bits, like bacon…some did not believe me when i said bacon is great with chocolate and chili peppers… to each their own lol

got into a bit of a mild war with the bar tender, he didnt believe me when i said the order of tequila but HA this link proves it […]
jose cuervo is a mixto, not a real tequila :p

i cant drink the gold, it is too harsh but the silver and the different rested tequilas are really nice

hate it when i cant remember enough information even though i know i am right

but its ok i got him in the end!

subject as the group was leaving turned to bar wenches, i would make a great bar wench, already been one with pics to prove it…

he was curious about that…
dont think he knew about fetlife before but told him to join and look up my pictures
ha! should be interesting, lil innocent me in his bar till he sees the pics and my …true… nature lol

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