first post from london

written 2011

here now for a few more weeks

loving it so far, spending my days wondering around the big parks and filming the wild life with my big camera.

i spent a lil more than 7 hours yesterday in hyde park and i know there are still bits i missed. i wound my way along the serpent river and captured some amazing pictures of the birds that are all going nuts for either food or the option of sex.

with the spring comes mating season and i have seen way too many male pigeons strut their stuff cooing and dragging their tails behind them and then taking the willing victim.

or dive bombing people

saw some beautiful birds, no idea what kind, start an elaborate mating dance in the water and a group of some other kind of bird attack each other while in the water. some of those even jumped out of the water to do some karate style moves with their feet…

saw a heron catch its meal, a large fish almost as long and thick as my forearm
one picture i have shows the fish with its mouth open as if silently screaming for help, this amuses me though not sure why

today i am thinking of going to regent’s park for a short walk and then up to camden to meet a friend and tonight a munch 🙂

it will be my second and if the list is correct should have a large gathering, i am excited and nervous all at once. i dont get to socialize any more and if i do its alll very vanilla. i dont know whats expectable… ya know is it ok to swat the lil fly that is turning from funny and cute to annoying little brat

sadly ALL my domme like side has been used for non kink stuff in raising my boys so i know what i wont put up with from anyone in the REAL/vanilla world but kink… bahhh i feel so new and virginal… which is SUCH a load of crap

anyway ramble done
if anyone is in the area and would like to meet up send me a note, i am “stalking” the parks for good pictures

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