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    April 2012
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Empty bed

written one month ago

note: read this one on stage at the Erotic Meet (eroticmeet.net) Soho Social, i was so nervous, will blog about that later lol

It’s just a bed.

Wooden frame holding in place a firm mattress, pillows and the covers left in a tangle from last night’s dreaming.

The sheets are cold, the mattress doesn’t have the imprint of your form and no where can I find your scent.

Slowly, climbing into the bed, I savor the sweet twinge of pain that my bed has never known you…

Fluffing up the pillows, smoothing out the sheets and I pull them slowly over my naked body.

Enjoying the harshness of the cold as it slides over my skin, holding in the tears, knowing it is another night alone.

Once again the sun has set, darkness has come to greet me and laying there even the sandman avoids my eyes.

Getting up to put some music on, I realize how cold the air around me is, shivering I return to my spot in the bed.

Music, my only company, I climb back into bed and wrap the covers up to my chin, searching for any warmth but knowing you have never left any.

Dragging pillows from every corner of the bed and making a nest around me, trying to fool myself into feeling you next to me.

The music washes over me, caressing my mind in ways I wish your voice would seduce my ears.

Slowly the bed warms from the heat of my body, with you here I know it would warm all the faster.

Thinking of the many ways we could heat the bed, I feel a spark of passion and wetness steals over me.

Last night I thought of you…

What it would be like in your strong arms, my head on your chest, running my fingers along your shoulder and down your arm as I hold you.

Last night I thought of how you would wake in the morning and kiss me tenderly, running your large hands over my face and teasing away the sleep from my body.

Last night I thought of you slowly, nervously testing my body, unsure of what you are allowed to do with me.

Last night I thought of taking your hands in mine and teaching you my body, how to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples in such a way that I arch my back and whimper for more.

Thinking of guiding your hands over my thighs, cupping my ass and pulling my body closer to you and feeling you getting excited with every touch…

Wanting to half climb over you and run my tongue along your lips, my hand on your face and watching you as you hold still for me.

Watching you waiting to know what to do, what will come next, not sure to take control and if so will I let you keep it…

Sliding my tongue into your mouth and kissing you tenderly, slowly, teasing and closing my eyes.

Drifting off to sleep, the music playing and the feel of the pillow I hold, as I dream of you.

The night rolls on, like the tears that roll down my cheeks, knowing I will never have you…

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