Coming to London

written 2011

note: my innocence leaving me as i headed off from one adventure to another

thought i would drop a note saying i am coming to london.
i will be in town for about 2 weeks then i will be back in france.
i plan to continue going back and forth between france and london for the next few months in the effort to pass my driving code in the uk.

the process of doing so in france has proven to be too difficult due to the language
and the problems i have trying to understand the trick questions on the test.
driving is not the issue, only the written test is the issue and i have learning disabilities that make it very difficult to calm down and remember what i learned.

as english is my native language (american english vs british) i do not think i will have
much of a problem taking the test in the uk. even the driving on the “wrong” side of the road shouldnt prove too much of a problem as i am so used to sitting on that side of the car anyway from years of being a passenger.

i will be looking for a job in london as i am not infinitely rich (yet) and i will need resources
while in both countries. i do not plan on going out parting every night, though once in a while would be fantastic and a munch would be nice as i have never been to one but over all i am there to work, get the driving permit and wait till i have been there long enough for the permit to legally transfer over to a french permit (thus attached to my address)

i was thinking… as some of you know i am a photographer and i was thinking that to help my income i could try to meet up with people for photo shoots. i do not have a studio but the weather is getting better and some shots in parks or in camden could be fun and for those looking for more errotic pictures i could meet people at their homes to do shoots.

that being said i am not stupid and would not come alone, i know better than that
have to be wise in all aspects of life 🙂

so if anyone is interested in meeting up for drinks or for photo shoots let me know

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