Bah humbug

written 2010

no not talking about scrooge… just something i like to say when feeling blah and bored and frustrated with something

1pm here in france and i am bored… i want entertainment i want to be needed i want to be the center of attention for someone or at some thing….

but it’s ugly out, that boring flat gray that hurts the eyes to look at but leaves you depressed because it means there is rain and cold waiting for you outside that window

gahhhhh so bored

should be working on my photography, finishing that book of pictures i took while in paris last spring, starting a book about the events the family have done during the year…those make great holiday gifts, should finish that wedding book for my friends and those other photography books i have been wanting to start

gah i should be learning the language so that i can finish getting my drivers permit so i am not just using a scooter… would also be nice to be able to do and say more in french and work on mastering my accent to fluster people with

and… i should be exercising, getting fit…trying to look my best for that wedding i am going to next fall and so i can look drop dead sexy in anything i wear when i go to that convention… mmmmm D*C

a geek festival but sooo many people and so much fun and so many of my friends there and i will get a chance to be myself… but right now

bah hiding in my lil corner in the dark with my pc and being bored

bah humbug

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