An observation

written 2011

i cannot understand why it seems to be that 90% of the males that talk to me want to make me their slave or sub

do i really look like one?
is that how the world sees me?

being submissive i can enjoy for a time but have never found anyone i would want to lose myself with

but being a “slavewhore” as one guy put it.. no, that isnt me

i dont do negative word games, i dont and wont be humiliated, i will not be treated like a piece of shit in the name of some version of kink

that isnt me

i am a switch, i am not any one thing and do not want to be limited to any single thought or action and i will not tolorate people that try to treat me as shit.

that isnt a turn on, that doesnt make me all wet and willing.
all that happens is i get annoyed, then pissed then violent and no one should have to see me like that.

it also amuses me in a dark way that the majority of people who contact me are male, fake or not paying attention

i can ONLY play with females, i will not be touching anyone that isnt female, i am not leaving my husband, i am not looking for sex and at if you want to flirt i expect you to be a real person not some troll surfing the web for attention under fake personality.

i am looking for friends, real people to talk to and enjoy kink with, if i cant be comfortable with you as a friend why the hell would i want to see your cock or clit

if its just that i can look at my own or the hubbys

2 Responses

  1. I’m a woman! I’m a woman! Greg could just watch and take pictures or he could even be ordered to stay downstairs and prepare dinner for us. 😀 What do you say, wanna come see my toy drawer?

    • i adore you so!!!

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