3rd times the charme

Sultry music playing in my ears as I remember you last night

I honestly hadn’t meant to excite you

I never thought to approach you for that

I had thought to just being friends

Then I showed you my writing and something in it struck a chord with you and I started to see you with new eyes

Showing you of a few of my pictures, you naughty boy, so perverted but so innocent seeming

How you fooled me but oh how I liked it

Getting more excited over your words, mind being stimulated as much as my clit

So close, I had to hear you, calling your number and listening to you on the edge as you touch yourself

I can’t play, I have to behave, the roommates are all around me sleeping and I have to keep them innocent

But listening to you I need to touch myself

You excite me as I hear you panting, so close

And then you cross over the edge and cum for me

With others that would have been enough but you keep playing…

You’re cum soaked hand and cock and me listening to every sound

Again you coast that edge of pleasure and release

If I could have helped you I would have but all I could do was whimper into the phone

The excitement I hear in you as you cum again makes me reach down and put my hand to my pussy finding my clit soaked

I gasp to hear you say you are going to keep going and try to cum for a third time

I can’t resist anymore and start to play, gasping and panting as I try desperately to keep quiet

Cumming with you…

So tired from the effort of holding back my screams

Night dress soaked and breathing hard

I want you

Will we play again tonight?

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