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#SinfulSunday 29/4/12

Sinful Sunday

It is Sunday night, 10:43pm as I write this, I am in my hotel room, naked, a folded pillow between my legs like a desk and the hubby next to me… occasionally reading over my shoulder

The short of it that makes the day sinful… touring the uk with hubby, this is our last day in the uk before heading back to France tomorrow afternoon.

We started the day with rain… lots of it but still went and walked around the ruins of the Abbey in Canterbury and then when the sun popped out we toured Canterbury Cathedral (a highlight for me as I grew up watching the movie Becket, over and over, no idea why but I loved it) and then we went over to Deal Castel where this picture was taken…


Yes that is me topless in one of the small passageways, there was risk of getting caught as there were people around but dammit… so what!

Later we went to the hotel and just had to show off the collection of naughty things we brought with us… I will leave to your imagination what we did next…


Hope your Sunday was just as sinful *grin*


The internet hates me

have been visiting different areas of the uk this past week

the husband and i drove up from calais and first thing we saw of course when we reached dover… rain 

not really a surprise *grin*

have gotten lost so many times trying to see the random sights as we passed through hastings, eastbourn, brighton, reading, london (just to see jeff dunham! loved the show!!!), now in milton keynes and heading back down to dover tomorrow.

i loved seeing friends while in brighton and milton keynes, had some wonderful coffee at both and the tapas at that place in xscape… oh so tasty! omm nom nommm king prawns!

enjoyed seeing stonehenge, was kind of surprised how close to the road it is and wonder if they sell the cows milk as a sort of magically imbibed thing due to munching on the grass around the area.. more so for the sheep as it looks like that is how they keep the grass around the henge so short

really loved seeing the jeff dunham show, but god that day was hell!

we went to st paul’s but didnt check ahead to see the price and as we are cheap.. looked from the entrance and gift shop only lol

then spent the rest of the day in the british museum, wow is that place huge and smells old. being highly sensitive to smells i had a headache most of the day

we had a coffee… i needed that!! and i had a small sushi triangular thing from wasabi near st paul’s… other than that we didnt really eat all day… 

so think of it this way, after all that walking, seeing things, screaming like mad at the show (loved how he made fun of american woman and the french.. as if he knew we were in the audience!!) and then a long walk to the tube, the long train ride from paddington to reading… with no real food all day….

i was over stimulated, exhausted, in so much pain and ready to throw up on the barbie doll lady with the boyfriend of “hi call me asshole”, she was drunk, staggering a bit in her fuck-me heels while carrying an umbrella under her arm… this would have been fine had she held the pointy stick of doom level as she walked, instead she would send it jabbing backwards with each step!

i did ask “excuse me ma’am but can you please hold your umbrella better or you are going to end up stabbing someone” to which her man of asshatery replied nastily that i should mind my own business and keep further back

so i bitched at him, he bitched back and by god i came close to ramming the head of my cane into the back of his knees as he mounted the stairs!

for fucks sake! just cause i dont look like a god damn barbie doll, does that mean i have to be treated like shit and not receive common courtesy?! i was hobbling with a cane and even told the fucker i am in pain and suffering from nerve damage and bad hips.. but nooooo i get bitched at

fuck you asshole!

oh and dont even get me started on the foreign piece of shit that stole my seat on the train from london to reading! i was standing there in the isle, blocking any way into the free two seats, i have the cane visable, i need to sit down, i shift my head slightly to look for the hubby and the fucker climbs over another seat and guy (4 seats facing eachother) and steals the seat i was trying to get…

if looks could have killed i would have done so repeatedly and slowly!!! fucker!!! damn tourist!


just so you know, if we ever spend time together and my blood sugar gets low… i get aggressive and bitchy which is funny since i am not a mean drunk lol


ok bad net, travelodge is a pain in my ass! and will be home in france soon… updates to follow later

He dances

The lights are dim and shifting, I watch her watching you

The beat is pounding, the base tingling my clit

I watch her watching you

She sits all wrong in the chair, sprawled with a cats grace

He bounces with excitement, chatting as he dances

How do I describe his body

The way he puts control into every move

The passion of each exaggerated rotation of his feet

He dances for her and she lounges like a bored queen

The most unusual of pairs and me the third

Watching her, watching him and neither see me





Stolen phones

Slippery fingers slide in and out

The perverse way I could twist that to mean so many things

But this is one of those innocent moments

Yes I do have them

Taking what is not yours is not limited to rape and pillaging

Being out at night means more chances to lose what you hold dear



Note: went out with some friends to a bar and later an after party, somewhere along the way two of the girls got their phones stolen and one girl had her wallet taken. Always be aware of what you do with your things.

Over my shoulder

You sit there next to me

Reading all I write and I wonder what crosses your mind as you watch me create my little world of words

I have given you a taste of what I write

I have watched you as you read through my little black book

Seen the attention you pay each word

The music beats and is that the only reason your cock trembles






poetry, shorts, and other stuff

Free thoughts

For a better communication


Often Erotic Musings from a queer, kinky and definitely dirty girl

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