sniffles and coughs… blah i’m sick

oh the sniffles

uggg the sneezes

poor me with the blahs

feeling so high with this cold

no drugs yet

had the drinks yesterday

day before too

mmmm grog is tasty

so… umm… like

anyone wanna send me a care package that has a cuddly cute person to pamper me with warm soup and cuddles

massage would be nice

better in the shower (no tub *sad shalla is sad*)

oh well

maybe next time

gonna take a nap and try to get better

have so much silliness and sex to blog about but can’t function when sick with the sniffles and cough and and and…stupid strep

brain is melted right now

pain level 0 to 10 or 11 to 20

So, I’m up late writing my symptoms list for 2015

hard as always to face this crap

but getting it done…

few triggers tonight

almost done translating it for the doctor

since taking the coconut oil (April 2013) and adding other things slowly since then..

I have been getting better (autoimmune disorder)

which means I would like to reevaluate the pain scale of 0 to 10

I would like to say that the average person is a 0 to 10

but those of us with high pain tolerance and / or chronic sufferance are more 11 to 20

so I used to be (since 1990/91) a constant 18/19 on average days and more of a 16/17 on really good days

but as many of you know, doctors and staff always say those numbers don’t exist and I have to limit myself to what “normal” sick people face

I am more of a 15 on average now

still high but better

lower to a 13 on good days

which is great

I am by no means anywhere near what “normal” sick people face and I shouldn’t have to debase myself to the same level as someone who has never and hopefully will never suffer chronic pain

I am still not a 0 to 10 person… maybe one day… but not today, not yesterday

now, feeling better is great but when you feel better more often, the bad days spike all the harder because you are no longer chronically on coping skills for that higher level of pain

when I suddenly find myself on the side of a “bad day(s)” … the pain hits hard

from 13 to 15 all the way up to 19 in seconds

just like a 0 to 10 person suddenly going from 3 to 9

I still don’t remember what it feels like to not be in pain

but I do know I don’t want to be

I know it is not “all in my head”

I KNOW I am not making myself sick or looking for attention

yes, sometimes my mental disabilities do exacerbate some of my physical symptoms

but after 24 out of 36 years… I know the difference and I have learned how to (usually) calm myself in a panic attack and thus end those “bonus” symptoms

the rest of the symptoms are always there

I don’t expect everyone to know what I am talking about or going through

but it helps when people at least try to stop judging and stop forcing what “normal” people go through

on those of us who are different

not everyone fits into a cookie cutter mold

please be kind to those of us who suffer

we all come in different varieties

that is what makes everyone wonderful

please don’t make me or anyone else fit a mold that isn’t us

peep me while i sleep nude

seem sleeping with the window curtain raised just a lil bit while nude is a conversation piece

i woke up and looked out the window

a cute young man in a suit was looking me over while on the phone waiting for his elevator

i looked him in the eye and rolled over

my back was exposed to him

making it clear i was topless

i watched him through the reflection of my phone as i played candy crush

he went away

another young man showed up and went away

then the first guy in a suit came back

he would pace away but kept coming back to the window lol

london is fun


now in a robe, bed made and i keep walking semi nude past the window
another cute guy on the phone…
too fucking funny
naughty peeping toms
not that i’m innocent since i keep teasing the boys

not so clear #SinfulSunday

As with all sunday’s, it is about the image

today’s image is brought to you via my travels in london

click on the lips to see who else is sharing

Sinful Sunday

I was sad to have missed seeing Molly and a number of other friends at the Sexpo

but one can only do so much while playing tour guide to TinMan

it was fun showing him off to the few people I knew

as well as a giggle to be able to talk about his cock, sexual interests and say he is one of my models for my blog to random or semi random stranger

if he was blushing, you couldn’t tell

I hope to bring him to more events in he future

so todays picture is rather innocent

we had been in the hotel, very small, very basic but clean and new

if you don’t have the fan on, the humidity from the shower fogs up the window in the room

while getting dressed I realized

mmmmm foggy window!!! MUST TAKE PICTURE!!

yes my brain is a bit of a silly one

but how could I resist a chance to show off my breasts

IMG_4633 a1

in one form or another

thus this picture was created

breasts out

nipples on glass

hands just to each side

IMG_4641 a

purely for giggles

no time for sex against the window

though I have done that

I enjoy a bit of exhibitionism

but only just a bit

I am rather shy

no really

I am

oh shut up!

I can just hear you through the screen

few believe I am shy or innocent in any way

but I am

so :p

typing this on the train from stanstead

having just dropped off TinMan

miss him already

but I teased as he was leaving

said I was going to go straight to my next lover

the look on his face was priceless

I explained that my next lover was in fact

a book

I bought a few at the sexpo

but I put those in his bag to take back for me

so shopping time!

I love to read

I hope your sunday is going well and you are up to some naughty fun

for more details on my point of view from the sexpo

more blogs later this week

safe from london

just a quicky to say i am in london

out of the way from the shit hitting the fan in paris

family is ok too

heart goes out to the people in the attack

Exposed Loving

Enjoy Letting Others Enjoy You

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.


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