venting over politics again

watching the news
seeing things circle back to black lives matter vs all lives matter and people getting pissed cause clinton wont cow tow to the public opinion and say black lives matter and that saying all lives matter is wrong or said in bad taste or that if politicians dont have the balls to say x….

and i voice my distress over this on twitter
somehow i am labeled as having an ego for thinking that…

all lives matter vs black lives matter is a difference between continued segregation vs humanitarianism

how i now have an ego for thinking that EVERYONE matters
no matter what your race, color, sex, religion or if you are a fucking plant or animal/insect/bird etc

if we want to better this world we have to teach EVERYONE that we are all important and that we have to treat others better!

if we keep saying the following (see below) then we keep segregating in the hopes to better each group instead of uniting us all for the same hopes of being treated well and being happy

same sex marriage vs gay/lesbian
black live matter vs all lives matter
your religion vs my religion vs there is no god
wealth (its all mine) vs poor and those caught in the middle
disabled vs abled
male vs female vs who you feel you should be

the list goes on

we all matter, if we keep choosing to put labels on who matters, we end up wasting time by taking a longer path to the destination we are hoping to find

yes, the end point matters but so does the road you take to get there and who you influence along the way and how they receive your influence

but ya know, i have an ego

#SaturdaySelfie in maryland

still traveling

doing a long stop over in maryland before heading home to france

staying in a hotel with a mirror facing the bed

*bites lip*

how could i not do a selfie or two or more with my new camera

there is a multi function where it takes the same image multiple times and sets it through a processing program

so some are colored, altered in other ways or cropped

i love this new play time!!

so the following pics are altered by the camera, not retouched by me






love how some people who have a foot fetish really like the images i take of my feet

i try hard to please ;)

lots of love

and happy saturday

you’ve been mooned! #humor #nudity & #SinfulSunday

wisconsin to The UK

tune in The UK

do you read me?


cracking up at my own snark..

might be the patron i am drinking

cant get that shit in france!

and no Mr YouKnowWhoYouAreInIreland i am not a fucking LIGHT WEIGHT

..sorry been a random couple of days

between getting a message on okcupid from a supposedly young male

(could be old fart for all i know)

in france trying to tell me

“i dont want to shock you but i am looking for a partner for bdsm in the 50 shades of grey style”

yeah as fucking if

or the weirdos from the last blog hahafuckingha

if you havent read please do cause i cant make this shit up

so life has been weird and good but more in the weird zone for my trip through wisconsin

and yes i was within 30 mins driving distance of the cop getting shot the other day…

could have been interesting indeed!

so today we observed the moon


and we decided that we needed to zoom in on the moon and invade it’s privacy


amazingly this new camera can handle zooming in and getting details

my ass is not as big as the moon so we can avoid zooming in THAT MUCH

and she giggles madly as i read this aloud to explain my chuckling at my typing

..side note..

her: we need scissors!

me: we bought scissors!

her: no we left them there!!!!

me: i HAZ scissors

her: ooo you are a good girl!

me: i am like a boyscout!

her: in training

me: yeah i would have to grow my clitoris longer

yes this is what my life is like! *giggles*

so where was i.. oh yess

you have been mooned

here is a picture, unaltered, from my camera


of the moon

and a random nude for shits, giggles and sinful sunday

IMG_0975 a

loves you!!!


her: so i guess we arent ordering pizza

me: oh yeah! (clicks to other screen and comments before looking) there are no papa johns in our area

her: oh poo

me: ok i lied i havent looked yet

me: oh see i was right there is one in janesville (ie not fucking close by)

her: well pizza hut is a good second best, tell them to swing by papa johns and pick up that garlic butter

the conversation just degraded from there

i honestly cant make this shit up and sadly i cant record it all

giggling madly

so yeah… remember, Sinful Sunday is all about the picture and the lovely people participating in the meme

so click on the lips and see who else has been sinful before me…damn dirty time zones

pizza here i cum!..come? fuck it gimmy da cheese!!

Sinful Sunday

#burlington you have some sweet but weird people

so i am dealing with my dad’s affairs since his death

it has been hard due to paperwork and trying to get everything sorted

currently i am living in the twilight zone

things are the same but different

for some reason i keep finding extremes

i had one woman, about my age, decide that the reason i was in town was so sad and she just had to give me a hug

never met her before

no connection…

just compassion

no ulterior motives


today was fucking mental!

did someone let the drugs out?!!

ok i have been smoking while here, it’s something to do while with the people around me and i can

my life, my rules

(being repressed in the past has really upped my need to do what i want, when i want because it is what I WANT!)

so me and another woman had just left my dads apartment

we are on the main street

i light up to smoke and she notices that a white car drove past

the young guy inside waved at us

i dont know dick here

next, and i kid you not…NEXT

a black or dark blue large pickup truck (maybe a dodge ram) went past and the passenger (both guys) had his cell out and was taking a picture of us

swear they went past and did a u turn to look again

i stared at them both times

couldnt be a fluke cause by the time they came back we were standing on the opposite side of the street


right fucking after that!!

this other car comes right up

young guy driving with female passenger

the guy yells out

“hey do you know how to get to…”

without missing a beat i reply

“sesame street?”

the girl looks annoyed as all hell

the guy speeds off like i just busted his balls and ruined his joke

i yell after

“yeah!! just turn left!”

seriously people?!


who let the loonies out!

fun times

stories to tell the grandkids

food porn! ie pics of food…

sheesh you people are so pervy!

so yeah food porn of the day

went to lunch with a friend


lots of guacamole


good salads


and sadly no beer

ok we did buy beer later but currently too exhausted to drink it

Charlie In The Pool

Sometimes there are boobs.

Chemical [se]X edited by Oleander Plume

an erotic anthology like no other

Karen Woodall

Supporting children and their families affected by Parental Alienation

A Kilted Wookie Writes...

A collection of my short erotic fiction


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