Sinful Sunday


as always, the idea of Sinful Sunday… it is always about the image

though this time around our dear friend Molly has shaken things up a bit and given out a prompt…

an idea to what we should be showing in our pictures

plotting for a few hours…

how to best seduce my young lover.. my beautiful boyfriend

first leaving these cards in his drawer, in and among his underwear and socks and other manly bits he keeps in the closet


i always knew the best way to have romance in my life is to inspire it

with this picture i am hoping he will bring his belt

and i will wear my corset panties

there will be candles

and music


sorry to leave you like this but my ass needs a spanking

14 thoughts on “Panties by Candlelight #SinFulSunday

  1. What lovely pics, I like the card with the action speaks louder then words. I am always saying that communication is key. Does not matter how it is given as long at it is.

    • the cards come from a game i got 15yrs ago… out of the last 5 men that were important to me in that time period… only my current boyfriend has been interested in the game and trying to be romantic and affectionate

      i almost took the box to burn it, to give up on what i had wanted in the past and think it just another missed point in my life, rid myself of all the bad memories around the box/game

      but my boyfriend convinced me to keep it

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