Erotic Selfie of the silly kind #SinfulSunday #SinfullyTriptych

As with every Sinful Sunday event/meme…

the idea is to keep the blog entry about the image and to enjoy “reading” what the others have to post a well

Sinful Sunday

for me it is more about keeping my hand in the game, life has taken control of my sex life and left me bored..or in “mom” mode


so this week is different, still about the picture but there is a theme… Sinfully Triptych

i decided to get playful and draw a picture of myself in stick figure form… not the first time i have done this but it made me giggle a lot at the idea of an erotic selfie


Pancakes and sex #SinfulSunday

as always, sinful sunday is about the picture :D

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Sinful Sunday

but for now! 

my sunday fun!


i made amazing pancakes this morning!

light and fluffy with just a hint of sweetness!



then came the bubble bath with TinMan

we used chocolate and caremel soap for the the silky feel and good flavor

a bath is a good place to have a heart to heart talk

which led to kissing

and that went on to me on all fours *blush*



seems the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach haha


Don’t pinch me

so i have proof i am wearing green!!



ok granted not very much, a spot here, a bigger circle there… but it is green!!

but being a ginger should be proof enough :p



i may not be irish but i don’t like being pinched!


a spanking sure ;)


happy st patricks day


Butterfly attacked me #SinfulSunday

my boyfriend made a point to remind that it is sunday

and that i should be sinful

also the fact that i had a butterfly hiding under the bed


this butterfly was given to me for my birthday by a very dear friend while we were at erotica 2010, ahhh good times

anyway my boyfriend knows that i love to be spanked and i really enjoy things a bit rough where as he can be a bit more delicate….

so it was nice when he offered to try my butterfly

the red marked me nicely but he wanted to make sure you really saw the butterfly print haha

he is too funny


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Sinful Sunday

Cheer up Monday Blues #ScavengerHunt

Note: So a friend of mine has a blog where she inspires others to be a bit artistic and playful with going nude or partially nude in public (you can follow her on twitter @curvaceousdee )

Obviously goal is not to get caught but to have the potential for it

I have submitted a few entries but not nearly as many as I want and am hoping for some motivation from you lot..

If you could go through the list and help pick out one or two that might be fun… It would help

I have already done the following:

Aeroplane, Bar/Pub, Bus, Castle, Construction site, Field, Hotel/Motel/Inn/Hostel, Public toilet, Train tracks and Woods/Bush

But i want more, it is fun!!



Everyone seems to hate Mondays

So far mine isn’t as horrid as it could be

That being the case I thought I would share something to brighten your day

I know my words can often be enough but when I have pictures ….




I just feel this intense urge to share

I like to inspire happiness in whatever way I can

Obviously I would enjoy it best in person

I miss my friends from different “corners” of the world

I miss going out for drinks… of any type

I miss the conversation

I miss the touch of others


But that is neither here nor there


Let’s talk about warm weather… I know some of you will feel that eventually ;)

A few weekends back I went for a walk with TinMan

We stopped at a Dolman, a Neolitic construction and it was the perfect time to take pictures

As you can see from my post in the #SinfulSunday meme … My blog entry “Ragnorok Fail”


The weather has stayed lovely

Going out for more adventures, we took other pictures as we walked and I wanted to share those with you

Here is one taken at a BBQ Pic-Nic site that we found



I hope this cheers up your Monday blues