fine dining with ramen noodles

note: i wrote this in may but never got the chance to post it…. now going back over other bits i have written but not posted and adding them here

written august 28 2014

So this is the first night I have taken time for myself in my new place

Last week is when I signed the paperwork and kind of started moving things into the house, mostly it was spent with my 17 year old son acting like Chiro from “Spirited away”

He was cleaning the floors and by that I mean he was running up and down the length of the room, behaving like the character in the anime

Sunday he went to the inlaws where my other two have been

that left me alone in the new house and I have been loving it

I still have no fridge or freezer or dishwasher or oven/stove or washing machine and no dryer…

The french are odd in the fact that they require you to have your own machines but I am getting there slowly

So while the hubby has been away, I have been using “his” house… as long as my name is still on the paperwork I will keep using it and if he objects …well he can suck my big toe

Almost every night for the last 2 months I have been suffering from major stress and insomnia

Now that I have a house and life is kind of fitting into place… I have LESS stress

There is still a large amount trying to float around but I am better at dodging.. ha, like dodging raindrops as you walk through a thunderstorm (I love the mind of Terry Pratchett!)

For the last 3 nights I have spent my time awake until 3, 4 or even 5 in the morning… I admit I have been productive!

Organizing what I have in the house, cleaning, buying things by day and putting them together by keeping Google entertained … he is enjoying the freedom to explore outside when I am home and the 3 other cats in the area

Tonight I worked my ass off shopping, hauling shit inside (by myself) and building up what I can

School starts on Tuesday. crazy times ahead!

I will empty out my storage unit this weekend, I have two friends helping on Saturday and one on Sunday.. hopefully my boys will lend a hand too but no big deal if they don’t

cant believe it will be September already

so yeah, tonight it is midnight and some change, I am sitting at my table…. the long white folding kind that you can use at parties or when crafting… cheap and easy

I have eaten my fancy dinner of ramen noodles, 2 fruit cups and some ham…..and beer :)

not much…. though it is a good start…. but damn I hate being without internet!!!

ps… kitten just came in through the window and noticed the ham… he is currently behaving like he has NEEEEEEEEHHHHHHver been feed lol

be good to him #SinfulSunday

as always

sinful sunday is about the image

take a look and see who else is being sinful
Sinful Sunday

we all have people in our lives who matter to us

love comes in many forms

so remember to treat those you care about with love and tenderness


best way i can do that is with seduction

and oral sex


Storing boxes #ScavengerHunt

i helped a friend move his couch and a bunch of boxes
he needed to store them in his storage unit

when i had a storage unit i never had anyone around to take pictures
so i made DAMN SURE i got some this time haha

IMG_8756 a

i saw the cart/trolley and i just HAD to get on it!

IMG_8757 a

and of course i had to show, without really showing

IMG_8758 a

my friend loved the idea of trying to make the illusion of me laying down

IMG_8759 a

i was in the mental process of getting dress and he decided i had to hold still as i put my hair up …

Back in the race #SinfulSunday #ScavengerHunt

as always

sinful sunday is about the image

click on the lips to see who else is being sinful

Sinful Sunday


went with my kids and a certain sexy man…to the car show and race being held in Angouleme

spent a lovely day …can’t think… sexy man is discra…distract…yeah he is being sexy

so… car race
old cars

tank like thing
he didnt think i could climb in but HAHHHHA i could

made sure the owner knew ahead of time what i wanted to do
ya know, cause i am polite and it is fun whispering to a good looking guy that i soon plan to expose my nipples

so… two pictures that show me in the lovely repaired vehicle
in the middle of town
with tons of people around hahah




and one picture of the vehicle alone




night folks, off to be with sexy man

how others see me, short cartoon/video

friend posted this on my timeline in facebook, thinking of me hahah
its about half true

i can seduce men into doing things the way she does but far too often it’s like…
oh just get out of my way i am a pirate wench and i will do it myself haha

i have always been so used to not being able to count on anyone that i just try to get things done for myself
be it sexual or not

i think part of this video touches me because i need to remember to find people that are willing to be in my life to help make me happy

ha, yeah, i see the video with a slight skew that others wont