#SFW my new Photography Blog

i had been thinking about doing this for a longtime but had been so distracted by life

and the fear of doing something new when i know i have been neglecting this site!

hell i never even did a blog entry for the fact that i have been on wordpress for two years now!!



anyway the good news is that i have a photography expo coming up at the end of june until the first week in august

thus needing a way for people to see some of my work that i alter vs just what i dump and load on flickr or similar sites

the blog, for now, is focusing on the area where my photographs will be on display… la vienne


later i will add more pictures from other areas in france and some of my other travels

so, to those of you that follow me, could you please take a look at my other blog and like any of the images that call to you




lots of love, shalla


an example of my images :D

IMG_6171 a

“Let me put on my face”

Growing up I used to hear odd ways of speaking from many different people in my life…

including random strangers as the pass by


The ones that stick with me most are “let me put my eyes in”

for when someone has to put their contact lenses in to be able to see and function properly


Or there is this one “I just need to put my face on and then we can go”

Now that one really stuck with me


If you pay attention to my blog, twitter feed, facebook or any other social site I use…

Then you will know that I suffer from health issues… a lot of them


For the most part I look pretty normal



sure the past year I have almost exclusively walked with a cane to keep my balance and give me mobility that would be restricted if I over work my body to try and be as “normal” as everyone says I look..


Most people assume I am younger than my almost 35 years or they think I must not be in as bad of pain if I am not mentioning it every 5 seconds


I am a “trooper” .. I carry on and get through the day as best I can and try to keep doing things the way I used to, be who I used to be and each year that gets more difficult


The most visible problem that people point out… is my skin… my face to be exact

I do my best to hide my face… foundation, cover up… whatever you want to call it…


I just want to look “normal”


I don’t want to be some fashion model or photoshopped pretty face

I simply want to avoid having the neighbors kid freak out like I am some freak or ugly monster

…true story (of course being me I explained my health and situation and he freaks less, he doesnt do it to be mean, he is simply young and tactless lol)


I get something like adult acne…

cysts, boils, dunno what else… I don’t really care, I just want it gone


First thing everyone says (professional or not)…. “don’t pick your face”


I don’t…


I perform minor surgery on my face

I have read enough about the pain I feel to understand (book wise vs simply using common sense) that what I am dealing with NEEDS surgery


The pain I live with isn’t normal

but no one listens to me…

25 years with “acne” and still no one listens to me or takes me seriously


So I have mentioned before to many different people, about my face but I rarely post any pictures to really explain beyond the words

I hide and it sucks and it restricts me in many ways

but I do it so I wont be judged by fools with hurtful tongues and empty minds


so… the following is me going from freshly washed face to all dolled up and ready to seduce a lover or few ;)


to be fair my skin isn’t TOO bad today

no sores that refuse to heal fast enough

nothing that wont stay closed

nothing that was overly hard to hide

nothing that was too painful to touch in any way


so here goes


#1 … side A



#2…. side B



#3… now for my “war paint”



#4…. halfway to “normal”



#5… about as “normal” as i get



So… this is me..

There are people out there with worse situations than mine and I try to keep that in mind


I know some people can relate to me for many different reasons

I also know that too many people put value in the wrong places


I am just me.. nothing more and nothing less








I have a kitten!

I have a kitten!


I am still not sure if it is a he or a she but for now that matters little to me ;)
The kitten has been with me 5 days now and when we found it, the kitten was 500g… a little one

I wrote to a friend about how the kitten came into my life and instead of rewriting the story again, I will simply share what I have already written but tweak a few points here and there….


I was spending part of the week with my children at my soon to be ex husbands house, he was out of town and I was staying to watch the kids in his absence

I was driving up the road to get there in time to be at the house for my 7yr old to get off the bus

You need to understand that the house is in the middle of nowhere, part of a small hamlet and that the main roads to the house are just above dirt road quality



(this is a picture from june 2013 when we had a lot of flooding from bad rain storms, you might be able to understand my concern over the storms that have been happening the last few days… nothing this bad but still! in this picture you can’t see the side ditch/gutter/furrow on the left hand side because it is full of water! easily a foot n a half!)


As I turned onto the road, I went slow as normal but soon I could see a black and white “mama” cat with her lil one in white and tan

I stop, she looks at me, tries to get kitten moving faster
Freaks, wonders off, comes back, freaks again

I move forward slowly and she leaves the kitten


It has been wet, the side of the road has those country gutters to channel away water and I am scared to drive past the kitten

So I park my car on the road and I walk up, pick it up and bring the kitten about 20ft forward to where the “mom” is hiding

I walk back to my car and drive up to the spot i had left the “mom” and kitten
I look out the window and see the kitten had fallen in the gutter, about an inch of water at the highest points and “mama” is hiding but I can still see her


I go to fish the kitten out and almost step on a second kitten, white with black patches here and there
I can’t get either of them due to my body and how deep the trench is

I drive to the house and get my lil one from the bus
Do some other errands.. the way I figure it, “mama” cat can fish them out and I would go back and check later

Give her time first

I go into town and pick up my 12yr old from school

We do some shopping and I head back to the house

The closer we get to the entrance to the house, I see my 16yr old walking to a friends and ask him to look for the kittens while I park and unload the car


A few minutes later he calls me to bring a towel

I drive up with a few towels and we only see the black and white kitten

He has used his jacket to push down the plant growth on the other side of the gutter
But there were still a lot of nettles around the kitten


I was able to step down and into the gutter to reach over and grab the kitten

He carries the kitten back to the house while i search the area for the “momma” and white n tan kitten
But they are gone

Back at the house i keep the kitten close to my breasts, wrapped in a towel
I want to make sure it hears my heart and is warm and dry

We give it some water while I consulted with my friend, she breeds cats, the type she has are abyssinian and I trust her advice on how to take care of young kittens

How to feed, clean and sex a kitten… I think mine is a boy but will take it to a vet later to confirm



The kitten is so sweet
It’s taken to me a lot and cuddles in to me
Hiding in my shirt (my shirt looks like I am wearing two, inner and outer, the kitten hides in the flaps)



I gave it a bath and the kitten didn’t like the first part (soapy warm water, put in towel to change water)
It tried to hide again but this time it when into my shirt to hide with my breasts haha

Later it was in a half box, towel covering most of the top, another towel inside and a toy elephant
The kitten is exploring and playing ninja kitten as it watches my fingers typing or the mouse moving



I have a kitten that needs me and that feels good
The storm could have drowned it and I worry about the other kitten …

I found out from my son that originally there were 3 kittens
And later on we learned that the cat I thought was the mama was really more like an aunt

Some of the neighbors further off had seen the kittens and sadly told me the mom had been run over

That was why the “mama” cat was so skittish and kept running off to leave the kitten behind when I first saw them

So… it has been a week
The kitten started off at 500g and is eating well
Started using the litter box and sleeps a lot

We have a lot of fun playing, it likes to attack my feet and chase me around
I have taken a few videos that I will post on youtube later

As for a name… that is complicated and silly

As you all know (or should) I write about sex and sexuality and all kinds of stuff like that
Now the funny part about the kitten is that on the side there is a double circle type of mark

The mark reminds me of a lower case “g” , like the second g in “google”
Now I really can’t get away with calling the cat “my lil g spot” when around my children

And my 16yr old wants to call it “starfire”… so…

Google Starfire is the kittens name


(not the best example of the “g” but you can see the spot in this pic)

Unusual I know but why not, as with any animal, you name it one thing and then end up calling it another, I know my first cat was usually called “JESUS CAT!!!!” Simply cause I kept tripping over it haha

So… I have a kitten
Unconditional love and a snuggle buddy in training

Many pics will end up getting posted I am very sure


As you can see here, the snuggle training is going very well, the kitten likes to sleep in odd places