am i the only one to see the phantom cocks?

i dont watch tv often

the tv in france is not worth watching for the most part and i get frustrated with the voice overs in films… worse when you have the voice over and the original voice behind!!!

not to mention allllll the repeated tv series… i hated “friends” the first time it was a rerun! i don’t mind soooo much watching tony danza again but some of the other late 80s / early 90s tv was crap!

so i try to avoid tv

but i keep seeing this one advertisement for helping you keep your house warm

idea is you have these drafts that enter and sort of annoy or attack you… hey why not draw them like phantoms…!!!

J’éco-rénove, j’économise : en route pour les travaux ! 

yeah… i swear i keep seeing phantoms trying to look like “slimer” from ghost busters but pre-made in a dildo factory

tell me what you think ;)

tell me

Ninja Attack! ….another laundry day

there will be more to this story but i have to tease you a bit first

ninjas are real!

one rushed me as it threw a shoe and men’s (wet but clean) under garments at me!

the door to the dryer simply BURST open and things of all kinds rushed at me

i tell you! Ninjas are real! i being a pirate wench know when i am being attacked! ;)

all i can say is… i stuffed those naughty men things and that shoe into the dryer before more could escape to get me!

i think i might have even let out a southern/creole style “GET BACK IN DERE!” as i tried to force the door closed enough to not be further menaced by such an evil Ninja

also having to shout “OI!!! Monsieur Monsieur!” and getting him to understand that the Ninjas were escaping!!

i think he thought i was mad but really… if you are a writer of ANYTHING sexual, let alone a blog of the naughty sort… well then it fits that men’s underwear throw themselves at you…in a ninja way of course

and yes i gave this male from the handball team the link to my blog

not that it will do him much good as i dont write in french …lol …opps

so this was just a small part of my day, i will come back and share more… even more from the laundry but also the rest of my mad world


BED TIME…am a bit brain dead…need sleep or coffee and the coffee is downstairs

Practicing safe sugar #SinfulSunday

as with every sinful sunday, it is all about the picture.. click the lips and see who else is being sinfully naughty and fun with their images

Sinful Sunday

this weekend was a bit of a panic, i thought i had to make a bunch of treats but turned out i was not paying attention to the calendar… oh well! made rice crispy treats with “fluff”, marshmallows in france are not the same!

IMG_9556 a

decided that the fluff would be a fun picture but as well all (should) know, sugar is not good on the sexual bits as it can cause yeast infections …. so why not use a condom haha

IMG_9560 a

so i used TinMan as my subject… condom, fluff and added some of the rice crispy treat

IMG_9568 a

sticky fun!! and so tasty!!

IMG_9581 a

i just had to lick him clean! funny to remember, that “fluffing” means to get the man excited before a performance …. hahah i fluffed him while he wore fluff ;)

IMG_9624 a

as i was editing the pictures for posting, he got bored of waiting and used a new condom to tease me and try to distract me…. spankings as well

not a bad sunday ;)

mirrors in the shower

when i rented this house, i liked the fact that the bathroom seemed designed for me to post on my blog

though i would have preferred a tub so that i could learn to pamper myself …as that is something i still have yet to do and i need training, as well as more lovelies to help pamper me or pay for me to get pampered

i am still a work in progress when it comes to accepting gifts or being greedy… i know my value but all the years of abuse from multiple people.. makes it hard for me to honestly ask or beg or demand lol…. but i am trying and this isnt a whine/pitty me moment, just explaining who i am and my mindset


the shower is nice, though i havent used the jets and i dont know that i will… not really my thing

i would rather be in a pool or pond of water than under a waterfall *grin*

but i do like the mirrors and i thought to myself

what do i look like when i take a shower

i know there are sites where i can upload video like that and have it generate money

so i thought… ok, why not test how i move in the shower

just being me

haha and no i will not be posting that video here :p sorry hahha

but i do have the sample pics i took so that i could find the right area to set up the camera for filming

and i will share one of those

IMG_9490 a

another one for the #ScavengerHunt ! doing the laundry

i have been forced to use the laundry box due to the fact that france doesnt believe in providing all rental houses/apartments with large item appliances…

IMG_9527 a

so currently i have two refrigerators (one a tiny box from a friend and the other from TinMan) … i will have to return them at some point… epp!

i have no dishwasher and i am going INfuckingSANE trying to keep up with all the hand washing and not having enough counter space to dry everything!

i have no washing machine or dryer… so like i said… laundry box! it is driving me crazy to live like this but i am doing it… i will get by for a bit longer…however long that bit might be… no idea

so… with all the times i have gone and done the wash… i constantly thought… I NEEEEEEEED pics here lol

yes it is a bit of a stupid obsession but i really am enjoying the fact that i am not harming anyone when i show off for the camera and i am trying to avoid scaring the kids or old men who might keel over from shock lol

always a risk of being seen but i try for less…

but it is fun being a bit of an inspiration for some of the people i know, showing off who i am when they are still too shy about their own body… for whichever reason.. be it too big or too small, too wide or too thin..

so..; here i am ;)

IMG_9524 a

Exhibit A

Warning: contains cock

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